Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide inorder to get started?

Forcertain products, we may require a prescription or doctor’s contact information. Our website will automatically identify and let you know which of our products require this when you order.  Otherwise, there's no other hassle on your part. We'll handle contacting your physician to get the documentation required.

What products and services do you provide?

Weprovide a full selection of intermittent urinary catheters to fit your needsincluding closed system catheters, hydrophilic catheters, uncoated catheters, and more. We have a caring staff of customerspecialists who are here to make your experience with cathing an easy,trouble-free one.  We also provide a fullrange of ConvaTec ostomy products and numerous alternatives for incontinence,nutritional, and other home medical supplies.

How much will my supplies cost?

PersonallyDelivered is transparent about pricing, and we always provide the cost of each individual unit or box of supplies.

How will I receive my supplies?

Yoursupplies will be shipped discreetly right to your doorstep through UPS or FedEx.We have simple and intuitive alternatives for you to set-up a recurring orderso you always have what you need.

How much is delivery?

Fororders over a certain dollar amount, shipping is free.  All other orders automatically calculate your shipping costs foryou in the shopping cart so it is fully transparent.  

Can I change the amount of supplies Ireceive every month?

You have complete control over your orders. However, ifyour products require a medical prescription, your doctor must update the amountor the type of catheter supplies that you receive. With your consent, we would be glad to contact your doctor for you to obtain the prescription, or you can easily upload the new prescription with your order online. 

Can I reuse catheters?

The FDA states that all catheters are single-use only devices, which you can find stamped on any intermittent catheter packaging. Studies show thatsterile use (using a catheter one time and disposing of it) can help reduce urinarytract infections. 

How do I use a urologic catheter?

Learninghow to catheterize correctly can help you avoid irritation and infections thatcan occur when an incorrect technique is performed. Personally Delivered ishere to help you through the process. We have many materials that we can makeavailable to you.  One of the easiest canbe found online at  Also, there are employees on staff who arecatheter users that understand what you’re going through and are available tospeak to you.

I’m not sure what catheter is best for me –can Personally Delivered help?

Absolutely!We have a wide selection of catheter supplies and want to get you set up on the bestcatheter for your personal needs. Our trained, caring trained staff is available to answer your catheter questions.